Moving to The Netherlands

Are you planning to move to “The Netherlands”, here is what you need to know !

So thinking about relocating to the Netherlands. Moving to a new city is always a big step, especially if it’s a different country. But fear not – relocating to Netherlands is easier than you think, especially if you make use of this handy checklist.  We are here to provide you with all the tips and information on :

  1. All about Netherlands and culture
  2. The essential steps you need to follow after your arrival to Netherlands.
  3. How to find a rental place or apartment for yourself
  4. Finding work in Netherlands
  5. Get starting with Dutch Language
  6. Schooling for your kids

Buying a car

Are you planning to buy a car within The Netherlands. There are three ways you can look for your dream car within the Netherlands. Buying a Used carYou can search the car via (dutch online marketplace).The biggest concern when…

Utilities providers

Utilities providers in the Netherlands So, you got the keys for your new home in the Netherlands. Congratulations! One of the most important things you will need to setup are the Utilities. Unlike few other countries, some of the utilities…

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