Car : Register at RDW

So you have decided which car to buy for yourself, great !! Its not officially yours until you get the car registered at RDW.

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What is RDW?
The Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) contributes to making road transport in the Netherlands as safe, clean, economically viable and well-regulated as possible. The dutch government has assigned 4 tasks to RDW :

– Licensing : The licensing of vehicles
– Supervision & Control : Supervising companies and monitoring conditions of the vehicles.
– Registration & Information : Gathering, updating and managing data concerning vehicles.
– Issuing documents : documents which are required for vehicles such as driving license, APK forms etc.

Register at RDW
If you are selling a vehicle, you must put the registration in the new owner’s name. This must be done by the seller. Buyer must ensure this to make it official. After the registration, you will get a vehicle registration card (kentekencard) as a new owner.

What do you need as a seller for Registration transfer?
– A registration Code(in the letter) : You need this registration code when you sell (transfer), scrap, export, or demolish your vehicle.
– Kentekenbewijs card (Vehicle registration card)

How to register as a seller?
Your vehicle registration card is connected to a registration code. Half of the code is printed on the kentekenbewijs card and half of the code is printed in the separate letter. As a seller, take both to the post office. As a buyer, show ID and pay around Eur 10 to transfer the registration to the new owner. This can be done within a few minutes.

What will you as a buyer will receive after registeration?
You will receive a vehicle registration card when the vehicle is transferred.


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