Apply for Driving License

Planning to buy or rent a car but do not have a driving license? Here is our guide on how to apply for license.

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Exchange Foreign Driving License
Do you know that you can exchange the driving license of your country for a dutch driving license. Yes this is true !

How can you apply for the exchange?
Walk-in at the city office(Gemeente) in person to apply for the exchange of license.(During Covid-19 situation, walk-in is closed so call the Gemeente and take an appointment) and bring all the documents with you.

What documents will you need for an exchange?
You will need :
– A foreign driving license(Make sure your name and address on driving license matches your proof of identification and the photo is clear enough to identify you)
– An identification proof (preferably passport)
– A Passport photo that meets official requirements(You can click this photo in any random photo booth available at train stations)
– A copy of 30% ruling document(You can get this document from your employer or if you are working here in Netherlands, you can also request from belastingdienst/Tax authority). If you do not have a 30% ruling document, you cannot exchange the foreign driving license.
Tip : Your dependent can also apply for an exchange on your 30% ruling document.
– If the text on your driving license in not in English, then bring an official translation.
– A certificate of fitness (Gezondheidsverklaring). You can purchase the Certificate of Fitness at a City Office. You can also purchase the certificate online via CBR using DigiD ID. The cost of certificate is € 37,80. Fill the form and send it to CBR online or via post for the certificate. You must take an appointment with the doctor if you are 75 years and above. Otherwise it is not needed.

How much does it costs?
– The certificate of fitness costs € 37,80.
– Exchange of driving license costs another €40.65+.

How long does it take?
If your application is approved, you will receive a notice from the RDW to come collect your document within 2 to 4 weeks. You can then collect the dutch driving license from City Office(Gemeente) in person within 3 months. This is the same place where you submitted the application.

What happens to the foreign license?
The original license or foreign license will be sent to the embassy of your country. You need to separately collect the license from there.

Apply a new dutch driving license (If not eligible for exchange)
If you are not eligible for exchange, then you need to take up a theory and practical exam before applying for a driving license. You can find details on
Theory exam must be passed before applying for practical exam. Theory exam will show that you recognize danger, well aware of traffic rules and traffic insights.Apply for theory exam here.
Practical exam where you will be assessed by an examiner riding next to you in a car. Most people cannot pass this exam in one go. So be well prepared.


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